Dental Implants in Cambridge

Get the Inside Scoop on Dental Implants

Dental implants are good choices for patients who aren’t happy with their smiles, due to damaged teeth or missing teeth. A single dental implant may be added. However, it’s also possible to add more than one, with a mind to correcting damage or gaps. Come to our surgery in Cambridge for a FREE consultation.

Dental Implants Cambridge

What are Dental Implants?

These implants are artificial tooth roots which hold replacement teeth in place. The tooth roots are very strong and stable. They don’t get loose after they’ve been placed in the mouth, so many people find them preferable to dentures.

At our dental clinic in Cambridge, we offer implants to our patients. We know that these implants do a lot to boost self-confidence. When you choose us to restore your smile, our dentist will utilize years of experience to give you superb results.

Implant procedures are two-fold processes. First, the implant, which acts as a metal tooth root, will be added to your jawbone. Once you’ve healed from this procedure, a connector will be added and the replacement tooth will be added.

While this procedure is more in-depth than some, it provides long-lasting results.

What Are The Risks?

Any surgical procedure brings the risk of infection and this one is no different. As well, people who get dental implants may experience discomfort, tingling or numb sensations near the implant site afterwards. Our dentist has performed many of these procedures and will utilize expertise and care in order to minimize the risk of infection or side effects.

What Are The Benefits?

Most people in Cambridge get these implants because they want to look better. They don’t like their smiles and then take action to do something about it. This is wise, as how our teeth look may have a significant impact on our self-esteem. When you treat yourself to dental implants at our clinic, you’ll be investing in a more impressive image and plenty of self-confidence. You’ll love the way that your smile looks afterwards.

As well, you may find it easier to speak and eat. Also, you should know that dental implants won’t negatively impact facial structure and that they provide strength to the jawbone, rather than weakening it.

As you can see, there are many benefits.

How Much Do They Cost?

Prices for dental implants vary. Expect to pay at least six hundred pounds per implant. However, this isn’t a hard-and-fast price. A lot depends on the level of difficulty of the dental implant procedure and this level of difficulty will vary from patient to patient. If you want more than one implant, the price will go up accordingly.

The best way to access factual and realistic pricing information is to connect with our dental implant team today. We’ll schedule an appointment with you. The dentist will perform a consultation and then tell you whether or not a dental implant is appropriate for your needs. Then, you’ll be provided with information about the approximate cost of the procedure.


How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Usually, dental implants last between ten and fifteen years. A decade is probably the median average. As you can see, these strong and stable implants are a solid investment. They provide benefits over the long term. Proper oral care will help you to keep your dental implants in mint condition for longer.

Do They Look Real?

Yes, these implants look amazingly natural. Modern technology means that replacement teeth affixed to dental implants have an ultra-natural appearance. Also, titanium is used to create the artificial tooth root which holds the replacement tooth and this material is super-strong and light.

Now that you know more about dental implants, why not call or email for a consultation today?